Get Fresh with a Local

Please join us in getting to know the farmers, producers, processors and local food community on Vancouver Island.

Visit a market. Chat with a farmer.
Learn where your food comes from. Find out how it is made.

Sixty years ago, Islanders consumed 85% of their diet from local producers.
In 2004, it was reported that Islanders only received 10% of their food from on-island sources.  But things are changing.

We are part of a growing Local Food Movement that is working towards food security on Vancouver Island and within BC.

We are rebuilding our local economy with agriculture at its heart
and we want you to join us.

When you buy local, you are supporting farms and farmers in your community. You are using your buying power to invest in the family farms that are close to your home. This creates local jobs, promotes land stewardship and provides fresh, nutritious food for you and your family.

Amazing things happen when communities get together.
Please join us in this movement and Buy Local.

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Together, we are building a stronger food future

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